Family History of RUGGIERO

Our little story starts from the two grandparents, maternal and paternal ... Nicola and Andrea who with great dedication have spent their lives cultivating the land with olive groves, almond and cherry trees.
From two different families of the same country, grand -grandparents since 1905 began to work in their small family plots , just trying to put food on the table and start a family, after work in the fields they used to rest in the Trulli, typical rural houses of our territory.
In a few years they both bought other pieces of land with olive groves, and together with their families they become olive oil artisans.
The two families, over time have increased their production with olive and almond plants.Since 1950 the grandfather Andrea, already master olive oil, sent his first fine extra virgin olive oil much appreciated by relatives emigrated to America, and from there he began the family business.
Already considered to be great value, the olive oil of Castellana Grotte and Monopoli with the ancient amphorae traveled thanks to the sea routes to very distant places between the routes of spices and silk.
In the olden times it was widely used to feed oil lamps and more recently as fine food in America and Asia and Europe where it is still much appreciated and consumed as a typical food of Mediterranean cuisine.

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