The cultivars grown are mainly plants of 30-40 years old, grown in hilly areas with a high presence of outcropping rock, we have both ancient local ecotypes such as the so-called Strazzasacch for the sharp tip of the shell, the Caputo and the Muddesca, which have a unique taste, then more recent cultivars such as Filippo Cea and Genco with regular 6x7mt plantings.

The cultivation for all is made without irrigation by exploiting the principles of dry farming method, thanks to the remarkable ability of the almond trees to resist the summer drought, this aspect is greatly reflected on the taste of the seed, albeit of medium size but with an explosion of taste and sweet notes . It have characteristics of excellence such as a high content in oil and polyunsaturated fatty acids, a very low acidity and an intense but balanced flavor, with final notes of butter which combined with its high softness make this almond ideal for pastry biscuit preparations and daily snack.

Almonds are source of Vitamin E, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and polyphenols contained in the outer skin of almonds affect our health and beauty.

Almonds are seeds and seems to contain energy of the sun that made it mature.

After harvesting, the almonds are dried with the sun , shelled, selected and packaged without any chemical treatment. Natural, healthy and energizing.
Organic product Format: Sealed paper sack 150gr. 250 gr.,500gr.,1kg.

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